things i needed to hear in health class:

  • puberty might make you squishier and its ok
  • vaginas have a smell and it’s a ok
  • all kinds of people with all kinds of bodies have gr8 sex
  • genitals do not all look the same and variety is rad
  • people have stretch marks sometimes
  • people have pimples on their butts sometimes
  • people have cellulite sometimes
  • gender =/= sex
  • sex =/= scary danger FEAR
  • bodies aren’t scary or gross or sacred 
  • everything is ok

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I love and seriously respect that Idina realizes that she’s tweeting to young, impressionable girls that really will believe her when she tells them they are beautiful!

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I’m not saying it’s okay to post someone’s private photos online, in fact if you do that you’re literal scum.

But Jennifer takes the best photos. Flawless posing. Professional selfies.

Srsly she looks damn good, how can something like this even affect people negatively anymore? If anything she ought to be getting made lingerie contracts.
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have you ever had that feeling that you really wanna workout to get a flat stomach… but you also just wanna eat pizza and watch netflix.

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A drawing about how to be the best you you can be


❁⊱☀~Nature n stuff~☀⊰❁

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Reblogging because this actually is a thing that should concern more people. 


if bees dies out, mankind may only have about four years left on earth

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